Training Courses

We have developed  and delivered Internet focused business training courses in South Africa since 2007. Call our office on 081 4399 555 to discuss your needs today.


  • Training delivered in-house or via Video Skype
  • All content customised to your industry sector
  • Interactive and practical exercises
  • Case studies and Competitor analysis included
  • Flexible scheduling based on your needs
  • FREE Follow-up after 3 months
  • Course material prepared electronically for easy access


New Workshop: Social Media for Sales Teams

This training workshop is designed to help your sales teams generate leads from social media. An important function of social media is customer service and making it easier to turn conversations with customers into testimonials. This training is best delivered in-house where it is customised to your company’s industry and includes competitors analysis to enhance the learner experience.

Workshop: Blogging for Business

This seminar is an introduction to online marketing. You will learn all the basics about business blogging. If you work in advertising, media, marketing, public relations or any job where you are responsible for having to communicate with clients, partners or staff. This course is also includes step-by-step guides on how to create podcasting and video blogs (vlogging). Blogging empowers you to manage and update your own website (blog) without having to pay web developers thousands of Rand every year that goes by, but it is still best to use wordpress hosting plans. It is changing the way that ordinary people are able to create websites with any technical knowledge.

Workshop: Business Social Networking

This workshop is a first of it’s kind in South Africa teaching the foundation of successful business networking. You will learn how to write your business profile in a way that positions you as a leader in your industry. In particular this session is aimed entrepreneurs, self-employed, small business owners, freelancers or anyone who wants to fast track their business and professional lives. A secondary part of this course is the use of social networking tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and MyGenius to increase your Findability.