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To Wonder how things will compare online in 2016.

webmaster /February 27, 2016

– Facebook is the top high-tech service platform in South Africa that has equal take-up male to female. – findings, announced in September, showed Facebook the most popular social network, followed by YouTube and Twitter. The study excludes instant messaging services.

Anyone Can Be Found on Social Media in 12 Hours

webmaster /May 16, 2013

The Physics arXiv Blog for MIT Technology Review In 1967, the American social psychologist Stanley Milgram sent out 160 packages to randomly chosen individuals in the U.S., asking them to forward them to a single individual living in Boston. The task included a simple rule: The recipients could only send each parcel on to somebody they knew Continue Reading →

Your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn popularity may land you a job, cos look for well-connected people

webmaster /April 25, 2013

MELBOURNE: Your popularity on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may help you bag a job as companies are increasingly looking for well-connected and influential people, experts say. Digital experts say social media and recruitment now largely go hand in hand. While at the most basic level, companies check up on prospective employees to see if Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Care What My Facebook Friends Like

webmaster /April 24, 2013

By now, we’ve all heard about Facebook’s Graph Search announcement. Does this mean I’ll finally be living in a utopian society where social media will guide my searches based on what my Facebook friends think about products? Will I finally be living a life of bliss when my online connections serve as my life compass? If my sarcasm is any Continue Reading →


webmaster /April 4, 2013

It was a gloomy Saturday morning as I entered the Dentist’s clinic and headed to the waiting room to wait for my turn to go through torturous pain (read: root canal). As I settled into the stainless steel chair, I looked around to check my fellow victims, a twenty-something female sat with her head bowed Continue Reading →

How social media can help wreck a home

webmaster /March 13, 2013

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Recent surveys estimate Facebook is now playing a role in at least a fifth of U.S divorces and may be a factor in up to a third of divorces . With that in mind, and in the hopes that their story will serve as a lesson for others, one couple in northeast Indiana decided Continue Reading →

The Addiction and Cost of Social Media

webmaster /March 8, 2013

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Where did the last hour go?” when connecting with friends or colleagues in social networks? Social media is like a drug; just a little taste and we can’t help but want more. Social networks are the drug dealers; they facilitate our addiction to this gateway drug with one-click access Continue Reading →