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To Wonder how things will compare online in 2016.

webmaster /February 27, 2016

– Facebook is the top high-tech service platform in South Africa that has equal take-up male to female. – findings, announced in September, showed Facebook the most popular social network, followed by YouTube and Twitter. The study excludes instant messaging services.

Online Dating Will Soon Be Obsolete

Ramon Thomas /October 29, 2013

By Amanda Hess We are living in a time of great transition for digital romance. A new study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, released Monday, found that 59 percent of American Internet users believe that “online dating is a good way to meet people,” a 14-point jump since 2005. Among Continue Reading →

Facebook leads South African social media up

webmaster /September 11, 2013

Johannesburg:- Facebook has become the biggest social network in South Africa, seeing its strongest growth yet in the past year – and overtaking Mxit for the first time. This was one of the key findings of the SA Social Media Landscape 2014 research study, released today by World Wide Worx and Fuseware. The study showed Continue Reading →

Facebook admits year-long data breach exposed six million users

webmaster /June 22, 2013

By Gerry Shih, Reuters Facebook Inc has inadvertently exposed 6 million users’ phone numbers and email addresses to unauthorized viewers over the past year, the world’s largest social networking company disclosed late Friday. Facebook blamed the data leaks, which began in 2012, on a technical glitch in its massive archive of contact information collected from Continue Reading →

Facebook Users Fall for Stalker More than Sex Scams

webmaster /May 8, 2013

by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer April 18 2013 04:29 PM ET Are you dying to know who’s viewed your Facebook profile? Scammers bet you are and will tempt you with fake apps promising to reveal who’s been stalking you on Facebook. In a study released today (April 18) by security software firm Bitdefender, about Continue Reading →

Twitter and Facebook ‘addicts’ suffer withdrawal symptoms

webmaster /May 1, 2013

Facebook and Twitter users suffered withdrawal symptoms when forced to go cold turkey as part of a scientific study into the addictiveness of social media, academics have found. By Matthew Sparkes 1:33PM BST 11 Apr 2013 In a study by researchers at the University of Winchester, ten self-confessed Facebook “addicts” and ten prolific tweeters were asked Continue Reading →

Afghan Guys And Gals Meet Facebook To Facebook

webmaster /April 30, 2013

By Farangis Najibullah April 11, 2013 High-school student Muhammad Akbar has never dated a girl in real life, but he’s got plenty of girlfriends on Facebook.With social and religious taboos restricting face-to-face contact between unrelated members of the opposite sex, Facebook’s popularity has skyrocketed as a virtual meeting place in Afghanistan.Akbar spends nearly an hour every Continue Reading →

When a Facebook Post Is a Cry for Help

webmaster /April 18, 2013

By LIZ HERON In today’s connected world, it is not uncommon for high school and college students to use Facebook as a place to pour out their feelings, sometimes in intensely personal updates. Some are predictable melodrama and fairly harmless cries for validation — but not all. Facebook posts can serve as early warning signs for Continue Reading →

Facebook and the disintegration of the human

webmaster /April 15, 2013

Is Facebook a boon or cause for concern for the mental health industry?   According to a New York Times article by Jan Hoffman referencing a study of the Facebook profiles of 200 university students in the United States, approximately 30 percent of the students “posted updates that met the American Psychiatric Association’s criteria for a symptom of depression, reporting Continue Reading →