Since 2004 we have establish several partnership with the following organisations:

Childline South Africa

Childline South Africa 0800 055 555Childline is a non-profit organisation which works to protect children from violence and further the culture of children’s rights in South Africa. They run a national, 24-hour, toll-free telephone counselling service for children and adults, handling over 1 million calls annually. In addition to the Crisis Line telephone counseling service, Childline also offers services such as online counseling, training programs for continonuous professional development, training on court preparation, and workshops on child law. Contact them on 0800 055 555 (only free from landlines not cellphones).



Rlabs Social Revolution Cape Town RLabs is an International Living Lab movement with a strong focus on Community-driven Innovation and Social Change. RLabs currently have activities in Africa, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. The RLabs Academy is responsible for many training programmes with a strong focus in Social and New Media. RLabs have affiliates in over 40 countries worldwide, a close relationship with MXit and the Vodacom Foundation.


PPM AttorneysPhukubje Pierce Masithela Attorneys

Phukubje Pierce Masithela Attorneys is a commercial law firm based in Johannesburg and was formed in 2004. The firm’s partners all worked with a leading commercial law firm before forming Phukubje Pierce Masithela Attorneys.

The firm relies on the proven skills of its attorneys to satisfy a growing demand for efficient and outstanding services. These proven skills are constantly called on by both local and international clients, to provide advice on complex areas of the law.


Private Label Promotions Group

Private Label Promotions

Private Label Promotion (PLP), a level 3 BEE Company, is the leading provider of bespoke business solutions. Established in 1992, we are a diverse group of companies helping our clients acquire, retain, and build meaningful and profitable relationships with their stakeholders.