Hello Hubs South Africa

The Problem

Across the globe, there are 134 million children between the ages of 7 through 18 that have never been to school. In sub-saharan Africa, there are 34 million children not enrolled in primary school, which is more than all of the primary school children in the United States, United Kingdom and France combined. 171 million people across the globe could be lifted out of poverty, if children left school with basic reading and math skills. (Source: World Bank )

In South Africa, as of 2011, there are 1.1 million children not enrolled in either primary or secondary education of which more than half are female (Source: UNESCO). It is our mission to provide educational materials to the most vulnerable and remote communities and individuals across the globe, including an initial 10 communities in South Africa. With each Hello Hub reaching about 2,000 children, the building of 5 Hello Hubs in South Africa can help to reach up to 2% of South Africa’s children that are currently without any access to primary or secondary education.

Summary of Crises in South Africa

  • Mud schools
  • Distance to schools in rural areas
  • Lack of text books
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • High bandwidth costs

Project Hello World

Children in NigeriaWe provide under-privileged children and adults in Africa with access to the opportunities that the Internet provides. Our computer terminals – or ‘Hello Hubs’ –  allow them to educate themselves, to communicate with others and to be part of the global online community.

We intend each Hello Hub to be a gateway to learning for those in even the most remote and deprived areas, capable of connecting a classroom in an East African refugee camp with a teacher on the other side of the world.

These ‘digital schools’ are not just for children but for parents, families and whole communities too, with Internet tools designed to help everyone organize and plan for the future: from writing a will to documenting a meeting.

Hello World will empower people to take back control of their lives – a freedom often taken from them when they are forced to flee their homes. They are also an invaluable human rights advocacy tool, enabling marginalized communities to document and tell their stories to the world using social media, photography, radio and film. The Hello Hubs are solar powered and are loaded with educational software as well as cameras and video cameras. They also have the ability to host and run community radio stations! We believe that no voice should go unheard.

About Projects For All

Projects For All works with African communities, helping them to become self-sufficient. Our projects are guided by the principles of community-led development.  We are reaching out to some of the world’s most underprivileged people.

We ask marginalised communities what they need; we listen and respond.  The people who truly know a community are those who live in it. By collaborating, and combining this knowledge with our experience and imagination, some of the world’s greatest challenges become a little less overwhelming.

Projects For All takes an entrepreneurial approach to development work. We work with communities to develop self-sufficiency and resilience in all areas: economic, social, cultural, environmental and political.

Our focus is on specific local projects that bring renewed vitality and opportunity to the community. Because they are so closely involved at all stages, the community members have an ongoing commitment and sense of ownership of the projects.

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