Welcome to the NETucation for the Nation community. We publish a bi-weekly podcast and a email newsletter to help you navigate your way around being smart and safe on the Internet and mobile phones.


Africa must help itself. The Internet is the greatest tool for communication and for commerce in the 21st century. Broadband Internet access for 50% of Africa’s 1 billion people is a must for this to become a reality.

At NETucation believes people can change the world using the Internet. We believe in the following

  1. Increase the quality of life by using the Internet to communicate (Skype), to tell stories (Youtube) and connect with family and friends (Facebook).
  2. It is wrong that Telkom & mobile operators keep the cost of the Internet access artificially high across Southern Africa.
  3. Prevent the end of family businesses, that help to keep fathers involved in raising their children, and does not remove them through migrant labour.
  4. Peace is the result of Love, and if Love was easy we’d all be good at it. Peace education in family, in the school and churches is missing.
  5. Conflict resolution reduces stress levels for both the individual and the team in the workplace.
  6. Broadband Internet is as important to the community as water is the family.
  7. Truth is not what we think, truth is what we experience. Our experience is defined by our dependency on technologies like the Internet, transportation.

For more information, call Ramon Thomas on 081 4399 555.

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