From University of Maryland and Cousera – The Opportunity Analysis Canvas – tool by Dr. James Green For Identifying and Analyzing Entrepreneurial Ideas

The Opportunity Analysis Canvas Third Edition
The Opportunity Analysis Canvas Third Edition

Originally sent to Coursera Alumnus

This is because of enrollments in the University of Maryland’s entrepreneurship and innovation courses with Coursera to 1,000,000 learners, we are astonished with the popularity, and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to your entrepreneurial learning.
Celebration of this occasion, a small thank you for participations, we are offering a limited number of complimentary eBooks on The Opportunity Analysis Canvas Third Edition in partnership with Venture Artisans Press and the University of Maryland’s Master of Professional Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship Program.

With the free offer code of free4me, you can receive this eBook at no cost. Simply click HERE, choose “I want this!”, and enter your code of free4me for this free 104 page eBook.

The The Opportunity Analysis Canvas shares how to become more effective in identifying and analyzing entrepreneurial opportunities, and building sustainably competitive companies, by exploring:
Why are entrepreneurs successful?
How can you develop your thinking to be a better entrepreneur?
What are the keys to developing winning entrepreneurial ideas?

Once again, a thank you for past enrollments, and a best wishes in entrepreneurial journeys with this complimentary eBook as a guide.

Sincerely,Dr. James V. Green Director of Entrepreneurship EducationMaryland Technology Enterprise Institute
University of Maryland

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