Stop South Afrca’s new internet censorship law


A new set of regulations threatens the heart of our internet freedom. A massive public outcry could stop them and save our internet. But public consultations end in 48 hours — sign now and share with everyone everywhere:



Dear friends across South Africa,

A new set of regulations threatens the very essence of our internet freedom. They want to police and crack down on our digital democracy — but we are thousands of South Africans getting this email and we have the power to bring down their barricades.

But we only have 48 hours to do it.

If the Film and Publication Board’s new internet regulations are implemented, they’d have the right to review and classify almost every blog, video, and personal website — even Avaaz campaigns like this one. Think apartheid-era censorship , reloaded and super-charged for an all-out assault on our digital freedoms.

Public consultations end this week , and the FPB is on the back foot because their regulations have been so widely ridiculed — a massive viral response could finally pull the plug on these dangerous regulations.

To make it happen, all of us need to sign and share urgently — Avaazers make 1% of the internet users in South Africa so if each of us gets just one person to sign, we can reach 2%. If each of us gets 2 people to sign, we can get to 3%, etc etc. Sign now and share on Facebook, Twitter, email .. everywhere:

Practically speaking it would be almost impossible for these rules to be enforced all the time. But they could be used to selectively block specific types of information , control what’s made public, and even criminalise certain users. In addition, people wanting to publish online would have to buy a costly subscription, limiting who can post on the web and what information we see.

The FPB says its regulations are designed to protect children and citizens from harmful content. But while protection is important, there are already laws designed to do that — these ne w rules would only serve to stifle expression and empower those who’d do anything to increase secrecy in our country.

Organisations like Right2Know are doing all they can to block this onslaught, and it’s having a real impact. The FPB has already been forced to acknowledge that it’s regulations need to be reworked — but our community could deal the final blow and topple this juggernaut for good. Sign now and share everywhere you can think of…

As Avaaz members we all know the internet can be a mighty force for exposing the truth and creating positive change in the world. Aside from our amazing humanity and love, there’s one thing that’s connected this community, enabling us to protect our planet, our rights, and our democracy — that’s our internet. It’s at the very root of who we are as a vibrant, powerful movement — and we can’t let it be muzzled.

With hope and endless determination,

Mike, David, Alice and the whole team at Avaaz

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