Learn How To Create News InfoGraphics In Minutes


Have you ever struggled to get the media or public to understand complicated issues / campaigns that your organisation is driving? Have you ever wished you could create your own infographics, graphics, or illustrations for your campaigns? Well, you’ll have an opportunity this weekend to learn to create infographics & charts in minutes … and win cash prizes in the process.

The Lagos chapter of the global Hacks/Hackers network is hosting a free crash-course at the Co-Creation Hub on Saturday, January 11. The meetup will start at 11am sharp, and will offer hands-on + one-on-one training using www.DataWrapper.de to create news graphics that will help you simplify complex stories for your audiences. DataWrapper is a simple visualisation tool specially created for newsrooms, and used by everyone from Twitter and the UK Guardian, to various African media. The training is free-of-charge, and will be led by a team of experts from YourBudgIT.com. The best infographics or data-driven visualisations created at the workshop will win prizes totalling $250.

Hacks/Hackers is a global network of journalists and technologists and social justice activists interested in using the power of new technologies (such as mobile phones, open data, and social media) to improve the way that media engages with the public. Local chapters like the Lagos one host monthly meetings, where members get free training, hear international speakers, or work as teams with developers to build news apps, news tools, and news websites.

The DataWrapper training is the 1st meetup for 2014. There are limited seats, so register ASAP on this Google Form.

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