Month: January 2014

Sam doesn’t know she’s a Bot

webmaster /January 22, 2014

Super Artificial Intelligence agent thinks it’s a real person Dateline: 7 January 2019 You may recall the movie ‘Her’ where the lead character falls hopelessly in love with his virtual girlfriend Samantha. She returns his love, even though she’s really his smartphone operating system. Perhaps you remember the incident in 2013, when a telemarketing agent Continue Reading →

Life-changing partnerships: principals and business leaders: Louise Van Rhyn

Ramon Thomas /January 20, 2014

Louise is the founder of Symphonia, a group of organizations committed to sustainable transformation in people, teams, companies, organizations and communities throughout the world. Through Symphonia, Louise works to mobilize citizens to become actively involved in addressing the education crisis facing South Africa. In this deeply personal and moving talk from TEDxCapeTownED 2012, Louise talks Continue Reading →

Be the Last to “Click Off”

webmaster /January 18, 2014

This little telephone tip has a sweet subliminal effect on the person you’re talking to—or at least wards off a sour one. Even after you’ve both said good-bye, let the other person hang up first. Why? Because people don’t like someone to “hang up on them.” And when they hear your click, it gives them Continue Reading →

Learn How To Create News InfoGraphics In Minutes

webmaster /January 10, 2014

Have you ever struggled to get the media or public to understand complicated issues / campaigns that your organisation is driving? Have you ever wished you could create your own infographics, graphics, or illustrations for your campaigns? Well, you’ll have an opportunity this weekend to learn to create infographics & charts in minutes … and Continue Reading →