Seminar on new technology in tomorrow’s world


The Department of Information Science at the University of Pretoria cordially invites you and your colleagues to attend a seminar presented by Dr Anthon Botha, CEO of Technoscene on 27 November 2013. He will reflect on:

Tomorrow’s world – future technologies

In many instances tomorrow’s world exists today, we just do not know it, or we are ignoring what could be if we employ all the knowledge and tools that we have. What is changing the world? To a large extent it is technology and the behaviour of people. We are propelled into the future by paradigm shifts, mobile life and apps, e-publishing, big data, virtuality, the generation shift, 3D printing, the Cloud and other developments. If we properly align the opportunities these present us, the future is an exciting place. But to survive all that excitement, we have to think differently about knowledge; the power of mass collaboration; the markets; geospatiality; social revolutions; customer expectations; and convergence of technologies, societies and humans and machines. Are we ready for tomorrow? Mind-boggling facts about new economic powers, the population explosion, and new ways of work may scare us or excite us. The choice is yours.

Biographical information: Dr Anthon Botha is a has-been physicist, strategist, futurist, sentimentalist and optimist. He runs TechnoScene, a company that he started 25 years ago and consults in the realms of science, engineering, technology and innovation. He spends a lot of time in the future, creating images of what is to be for his clients based on his understanding of technology trends and the way people and markets will behave. He sees knowledge as the new currency and constantly seeks for understanding of how the world of work, play, living and transactions is changing. He is part-time academic guiding young people in the world of new ventures, full-time consultant assisting his clients to strategise, facilitator where he herds proverbial cats into agreeing on what they are saying, nature lover, traveller and photographer.

Date: 27 November 2013

Time: 14:00

Venue: Tswelope Lab, 4th floor, IT Building

Refreshments will be served from 13:45.

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