Father beats daughters with cable for ‘Twerking’


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A video of a father allegedly beating his two daughter’s with a cable cord, after they had posted a video of themselves ‘twerking’, has gone viral.

The 30-second long footage titled ‘Good or Bad parenting’ shows the man continuously hitting his two girls, for recording themselves doing a ‘sexually provocative’ dance known as ‘twerking’ and posting it on Facebook, the Daily Mail reported.

In the video, the girls are seen taking turns receiving a beating as they scream in agony.

People have however been divided in their response to the video, with some commending the father for playing a stern role as a parent.

“We don’t know how these girls’ behaviour was prior to this video. However, I do respect this father for being a firm presence in his little girl’s lives and teaching them the error of their ways,” one YouTube viewer commented.

“This was not abuse! As parents our rights to discipline our children have been taken away. Even in our school system. This is one reason why our youth is so out of control,” another added.

Others were angered by the man’s method of discipline.

“This is the easiest way to end up resenting your father/parents. It is possible to sternly discipline your children without causing them physical harm. Your children should respect you, not fear you,” one person said.

“I don’t care what the circumstances are…an adult should never deal with a child in anger. EVER,” another added.

“If this was done with a belt I would be alright with it but because it’s not and he did it with all his might, I feel he took it too far,” another person commented.

source: The New Age

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