Month: May 2013

Anyone Can Be Found on Social Media in 12 Hours

webmaster /May 16, 2013

The Physics arXiv Blog for MIT Technology Review In 1967, the American social psychologist Stanley Milgram sent out 160 packages to randomly chosen individuals in the U.S., asking them to forward them to a single individual living in Boston. The task included a simple rule: The recipients could only send each parcel on to somebody they knew Continue Reading →

Warning over child ‘addiction’ to smartphones and gaming devices

webmaster /May 15, 2013

BY NICOLA ANDERSON – 23 APRIL 2013 More young children are showing signs of becoming “addicted” to gadgets such as smartphones and gaming devices, psychologists have warned. Children are having problems concentrating in school and have motor skills worryingly below their appropriate age because they are spending “hours” playing computer games each day. One professional recently Continue Reading →

Research finds that video games hold both risks and rewards for children with Autism

webmaster /May 14, 2013

By Anthony John Agnello — April 22, 2013 One in 88 children in America have a disorder that falls somewhere on the Autism Spectrum according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These range from conditions like the high-functioning Asperger’s syndrome to pervasive developmental disorders. With autism diagnoses rising at an incredible rate in recent decades, it’s Continue Reading →

Study: Google Searches Reveal Mental Health Patterns

webmaster /May 9, 2013

Search terms implied that people are 24 percent less likely to consider suicide in the summer, among other seasonal fluctuations that may be useful in epidemiology for illnesses that are difficult to track. LINDSAY ABRAMS APR 9 2013, 8:21 AM ET PROBLEM: Google overhyped the flu this year, which seemed to be a blow to the company’s claim that Continue Reading →

Facebook Users Fall for Stalker More than Sex Scams

webmaster /May 8, 2013

by Leslie Meredith, TechNewsDaily Senior Writer April 18 2013 04:29 PM ET Are you dying to know who’s viewed your Facebook profile? Scammers bet you are and will tempt you with fake apps promising to reveal who’s been stalking you on Facebook. In a study released today (April 18) by security software firm Bitdefender, about Continue Reading →

Father beats daughters with cable for ‘Twerking’

webmaster /May 7, 2013

TNA Reporter A video of a father allegedly beating his two daughter’s with a cable cord, after they had posted a video of themselves ‘twerking’, has gone viral. The 30-second long footage titled ‘Good or Bad parenting’ shows the man continuously hitting his two girls, for recording themselves doing a ‘sexually provocative’ dance known as Continue Reading →

SA school violence inbred: study

webmaster /May 6, 2013

Security fences and metal detectors will not end violence in schools because such violence is often inbred, a study on the issue revealed on Wednesday. “Schools in some provinces are putting up security fences and security lighting… to try and stop people from coming into schools… It is not going to be enough,” executive director Continue Reading →