Month: March 2013

Woman arrested after trying to sell her kids on Facebook

webmaster /March 29, 2013

Covered in detail by Oklahoma’s News 9 station, a 22-year-old woman named Misty VanHorn was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly attempting to sell both of her children on the Internet. Using Facebook messaging as her communication medium, VanHorn first attempted to sell her two-year-old child for a price tag of $1,000. However, she upped the price to $4,000 after Continue Reading →

Broadband for all in SA: Cisco to help

webmaster /March 28, 2013

Cisco is stepping up to help to bring broadband to all South Africans, with a strong focus on rural communities A public-private partnership is the only way to ensure that all South Africans will get access to broadband by 2020, as envisaged by theDepartment of Communications. This is according to Alpheus Mangale, Managing Director of CiscoSouth Africa. Continue Reading →

How Twitter and Social Media Impacts Mexico’s Drug War

webmaster /March 27, 2013

Austin, Texas — Twitter, but increasingly Facebook and YouTube, are becoming essential elements to the way ordinary people in Mexico protect themselves from the war on drugs, according to experts sitting on a panel at South By Southwest Interactive called, “Life on the Line: Tweeting the Drug War.” Panelists included University of Texas at Brownsville Continue Reading →

On Facebook, you are what you like

webmaster /March 26, 2013

When Facebook users clicks on the ‘like’ button, they are not only approving a video, a friend’s status or a page, they are revealing more than they think about themselves to perfect strangers. A team of researchers at the University of Cambridge have analysed 58,000 Facebook users’ Likes and were able to paint a very Continue Reading →

The Brain Is Not Computable

webmaster /March 21, 2013

A leading neuroscientist says Kurzweil’s Singularity isn’t going to happen. Instead, humans will assimilate machines. Miguel Nicolelis, a top neuroscientist at Duke University, says computers will never replicate the human brain and that the technological Singularity is “a bunch of hot air.” “The brain is not computable and no engineering can reproduce it,” says Nicolelis, Continue Reading →

Put your smartphone away and read this article

webmaster /March 20, 2013

  In 2009, the life of Levi Felix, a young Jew of 25 and a graduate of the University of Santa Barbara, looked quite glamorous. He was the vice president of Causecast, a startup that helps not-for-profit organizations gain exposure and organize activities, he earned a handsome salary, had a fine apartment and was looking Continue Reading →

Getting through to your kids in the digital age

webmaster /March 19, 2013

How smartphones, family dinners, and admitting you don’t know everything can help you connect. THE YOUNG BOY with spiky blond hair lies in bed wearing football pajamas and staring at the miniature solar system hanging from his ceiling. His bearded father lies beside him, fielding a few questions before turning out the lights. “How far away Continue Reading →

Turn Off, Tune Out: The National Day of Unplugging Is Upon Us

webmaster /March 18, 2013

Twenty-four hours without your smartphone or tablet? Cue Bernard Herrmann’s shrieking Psycho violins for the next 1,440 minutes. Think you could do it? The folks behind the National Day of Unplugging are hoping that, to paraphrase Tim Leary, you can “turn off, tune out and drop by (and see someone).” The party kicks off tonight at sunset, March 1, and rolls Continue Reading →