Month: February 2013

Ramphele targets social media

webmaster /February 28, 2013

A file photo of Mamphela Ramphele. AFP Social media will be an important tool for author, activist and businesswoman Mamphela Ramphele, who announced a newly-formed “party political platform” on Monday. “You can multiply your troops very quickly on social media,” Ramphele told reporters in Johannesburg. “Today we have a team of dedicated professionals. Thank God for Continue Reading →

Cape Town targets broadband for townships

webmaster /February 27, 2013

AS CAPE Town’s broadband infrastructure project gathers momentum, residents of the city’s largest township, Khayelitsha, are ready to take full advantage of the benefits of cheaper and more accessible internet. But many feel more needs to be done to educate the community about the project itself as well as how to utilise internet technologies. Cape Continue Reading →

Half of Facebook parents joined to spy on kids?

webmaster /February 26, 2013

You think half those adults on Facebook are there because they love Facebook? No, no. These are merely parents engaged in covert operations. (Credit: Sjbiased/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET) I had always imagined that adults entered the world of Facebook because they wanted to re-enact their teenage years, find a new lover, or “connect” with Continue Reading →

Women more prone to jealousy on Facebook

webmaster /February 25, 2013

  Women are more prone to romantic jealousy spurred by Facebook posts on their boyfriend’s wall than men, a new study has found. Their jealousy increases particularly if they think other people can see that their relationship may be in trouble, researchers from the University of Alabama said. As many as 226 heterosexual college-age men Continue Reading →

A Valentine’s Day video game love story

webmaster /February 22, 2013

Two players of the online music trivia game ‘SongPop’ met each other in the real world and are now engaged to be married. (Photo: Sara DeSpain) Millions who love music have flocked to the music trivia game SongPop. But two random competitors are taking their game to a whole new level: marriage. Sara DeSpain and Nathan Continue Reading →

Gen Y locked into smartphone habit

webmaster /February 20, 2013

YOUNG people are so addicted to their smartphones that most admit using them while on the toilet and some suffer withdrawal symptoms if the phones are taken away. The findings are revealed in new research that also shows one-third of Australia’s Gen Y (roughly, 20-30 year-olds) admit checking their smartphones, emails or social media sites Continue Reading →

Scientists Develop Smartphone App for Psychological Testing

webmaster /February 19, 2013

It seems that there is a mobile phone application for everything — from financial transactions to multi-player games. Now, you can use your smartphone for psychological testing. Scientists in Norway have developed an app that is similar to a program psychologists use in the lab to measure brain function. A listener hears two different syllables in Continue Reading →